WHAAAAAT? Premature reports of BEETLEJUICE 2 are false?!?


Still not happening. Cool art, though.

A few days ago, we were treated to another round of “news” that BEETLEJUICE 2 was “happening.” As I have commented before, people are quick to flog reports that the “ghost with the most” is absolutely returning to the big screen. Now, a rep for Burton has confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that a follow-up to BEETLEJUICE is not being actively pursued.

I’m hardly a film insider, but even I know that Burton and some of the cast saying they’d like to revisit the material is not the same thing as a film being prepped for production. I’m not even sure why so many people want this to be true. I love BEETLEJUICE; it was my introduction to Tim Burton and it still holds up. And while a sequel could be good… it might also not be, especially nearly 30 years after the original.

BEETLEJUICE 2: chances are good I will write a variation on this entry in another year or so.