The Elegiac Repose

"The Sin Eater
“The Sin Eater” by Egregore Design

Our friends Valentine Wolfe and Egregore Design are collaborating on an upcoming multimedia project titled The Elegiac Repose.

Per Valentine Wolfe’s Braxton Ballew, the new album is inspired by themes of grief, loss, mourning, and the death positive movement. The accompanying artwork package will evoke mourning tokens on the 19th Century. The album will contain 9 songs, including the nearly 13 minute long “Death and the Maiden” — Valentine Wolfe’s longest song to date. The album’s total running time will clock in at approximately 50 minutes and will include the following tracks:

“Sin Eater”
“Sorrow for Eternity (for S.A.M.)”
“Porcelain Creature”
“Melancholy is the Devil’s Bath”
“Death and the Maiden”
“Softly Shall You Sleep”
“Prospero’s Farewell (for H.M.B.)”
“Last Kiss”

The Elegiac Repose is nearing the final stages of production for a September release. Be sure to check out Valentine Wolfe and Egregore Design for the latest information.